Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Do I Love Artfire? Let Me Count the Ways.

On Pens and Needles has been a member of the Artfire community since 2009. We tried Etsy first but soon decided Artfire was our new home. Here are some of the reasons we stay with Artfire.

1. Listen to their members - Many changes to the Artfire site have been the result of ideas brought to them by members.

2. Has supportive community forums - If you need advice, need help promoting or just want to chat, you will find it in the forums.

3. Guilds for everyone - Extensive list of guilds that provide support, educate and build friendships.

4. Supportive Artfire staff - Tony, Kevin and others seem like they are in the forums 24/7. Ask a question and they are right there to provide answer/direction.

5. Cost effective - No relisting fees or games. Fixed rate for Pro shops

There are many, many more reasons. If you don't have an Artfire account, why not check out the site, forums, etc. I think, I know, you will be pleasantly surpised!

We had one of our eco friendly sandwich bags included in an Artfire Collection today!


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