Friday, April 2, 2010

Any Interest?

I'm contemplating running a few contests to drive some traffic to the blog and to our Artfire store and I'm interested in feedback from some of you who have done this. What are the pros and cons? Successes and not no much successes, etc....

Don has been working on some new wood pendants. He should have some ready by Monday and I can post pictures. Some really nice work. I've also been looking at new patterns to try some different projects.

Speaking of woodworking, the featured shop this week on Shops With Less Than (10) Sales - Artfire Guild is . In addition to pens and bottle stoppers he has some stained glass work and interesting uses for chain (I loved the hat). He is also having a sale... 20% off. Just use the coupon GUILDFEATURED at time of checkout.

Well, that's all for now. Gonna hit the sack. Gotta get up early for a Sew Fun Club at Moore's Sewing in Riverside. They always have new things to show us.

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