Monday, August 24, 2009

Are you ready for fall?

School starts this week for our youngest grandson. He's not too happy about it since they revised the school schedule here and they had a very short summer vacation. He is also starting a new school (going to Jr High).

Weather in So CA has been a little East coast-like. Warm and humid. I miss the cool evenings when we could turn off the air conditioner and open the house. Maybe tonight.

Craft show is over and Don and I are going to tear down the booth today. Sales were good but unfortunately we had at least one item stolen (a $45 pen Don had on display). That happened the 1st day and the host of the event let us move his pens up by the check out stand. It's sad people feel they can just take what is not theirs. Don is thinking about other items he can make to sell at these shows where we are not at the booth all the time and save the pens for when we do our other shows.

Well, off to pick up our stuff. Hope everyone has a GREAT week and has some time to check out this featured artisan. She has some great work!

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